USB, an Affymetrix company, provides high-quality molecular biology reagents to life scence researchers. The USB line includes well-known products such as ExoSAP-IT® for PCR cleanup, HotStart-IT® real-time, and endpoint PCR solutions, Tested User Friendly™
molecular biology enzymes, PrepEase® purification kits, ultrapure biochemicals, and a wide variety of convenience reagents.

All USB products undergo extensive functional and contaminant testing to ensure quality and consistency. With their passion to provide personalized life science solutions, USB delivers outstanding quality, service, and value every day. 

Key Products

  • PCR clean - up
  • PCR and qPCR master mixes
  • Nucleotides
  • Molecular biology enzymes
  • Purification
  • DNA sequencing: Prep 2 Seq™ DNA Libary Prep Kit for Illumina NGS
  • Biochemicals

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