ICU Medical

ICU Medical provides clinicians around the world with innovative and cost-effective patient care solutions for unmet clinical needs.

The product line includes:

  • needlefree vascular access devices
  • custom infusion sets
  • closed system hazardous drug handling devices and systems
  • advanced sensor catheters
  • needlefree closed blood sampling systems, and innovative hemodynamic monitoring systems.

Clave®Needlefree Connector
Can be used on all peripheral, arterial, and central venous catheters.
Dedicated internal fluid path and reverse split-septum design.
A proven track record for assisting in the fight against CRBSI.1 Saline flush option can eliminate the use of heparin.

MicroClave® Neutral Displacement Connector
Clinically-proven needlefree technology designed to reduce the risk of bacterial contamination and improve patient outcomes by providing a safe and effective microbial barrier. Does not require a change in clinical practice or technique, saline flush option can eliminate the use of heparin. There is a minimal blood reflux in the catheter tip and no clamping sequence is required.


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