D-tek s.a. is a middle-sized private company located in Mons, the Wallonian part of Belgium.
The company was founded in 1995 by Jacques Bouvier and Alain Vigneron, two biologists with previous experience in the Biotech Industry.
Already one of the first products of D-tek, an Anti-Intrinsic Factor ELISA, made its success story and is today the most widely used assay for this parameter in Europe.
From the beginning on, the company's aim has been to develop easy to use and clinically reliable products to satisfy their customers.
Consequently, D-tek developed and finally patented in 2000 a unique assay methodology using a homogeneous system for the determination of the patient's cut-off. D-tek's BlueDOT line is the first one to have this true-in-process cut-off control, thus allowing high clinical validity despite the visual interpretation of the results.
Other unique and innovative assays released in the following years made D-tek a sought-after partner for a number of reference laboratories throughout Europe. Such kits were the first ELISA worldwide for Nucleosomes as well as an ELISA for the diagnosis of Crohn's Disease.
Recently D-Tek released the first microarrays in Autoimmune Diagnostics the BlueDiver Quantrix Assay which is fully automated on the Bluediver instrument.
The Bluediver is a smart space saving instrument for the full automation of Immunodot assays and the BlueDiver Quantrix which measures 25 autoimmune biomarkers simultaneously.
Quality, ease of use and novelty in parameters are D-tek's key values in the field of Autoimmunity and Gastroenterology.


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