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The Azure cSeries enables your lab to achieve better, more quantitative results from your Western blots.

Experience the benefits of the wide dynamic range of digital imaging by no longer having to take multiple exposures for a single blot. Or, move to quantitative Western blot imaging and see the advantage of probing for multiple proteins, and utilize infrared fluorescence technology to get the most sensitive results.The cSeries also takes brilliant images of DNA and protein gels, eliminating the need for a separate gel doc in your lab.


Azure Biosystems is offering their cSeries Imaging Systems for detecting Chemiluminescence, UV-Fluorescence, RGB-Fluorescence and IR-Fluorescence.


  • The ONLY Quantitative Fluorescent Western Imaging System with Laser NIR 700 and 800, LED based Cy2, Cy3 and Cy5
  • Flexibility to perform any number of apps (DNA/Protein gels, Chemi, Fluorescent Westerns)
  • Every system is upgradable
  • Intuitive Software, Compact design

Key Areas

  • Western Blotting
  • Protein and Nucleic Acid Analysis

Key Products

  • Azure™ c600 Ultimate Western Blot Imaging System
  • Azure™ c500 Infrared Imaging System
  • Azure™ c400 Visible Fluorescent Western System
  • Azure™ c300 Darkroom Eliminator
  • Azure™ c200 Gel Imaging Workstation
  • AzureSpectra Fluorescent Western Blotting Kits
  • Azure™ Radiance Plus - Femtogram-sensitivity HRP Substrate

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