Medical hygiene pertains to the hygiene practices related to the administration of medicine, and medical care, that prevents or minimizes disease and the spreading of disease.

Medical hygiene practices include:

  • Isolation or quarantine of infectious persons or materials to prevent spread of infection
  • Sterilization of instruments used in surgical procedures
  • Use of protective clothing and barriers, such as masks, gowns, caps, eyewear and gloves
  • Proper bandaging and dressing of injuries
  • Safe disposal of medical waste
  • Disinfection of reusables (i.e. linen, pads, uniforms)
  • Scrubbing up, hand-washing, especially in an operating room.


But we also provide touchless hand disinfection, antimicrobial dressings, waterless washing, hygiene monitoring with ATP and monitoring of sanitizers and detergents.