New in our Portfolio: SFRI

SFRI: Cost efficient Hematology instruments and reagents

Hematology, the study of the structure and function of blood in health and disease, is the historic expertise at SFRI. Today the company offers a product line that answers the need for automatic processing of small and medium-size laboratories.

  • Dedicated hematology reagents and blood quality controls have been developed to ensuring that only the most accurate and reliable results are given on SFRI instruments.
  • Compatible hematology reagents: SFRI also develops, manufactures and markets a full range of compatible hematology reagents for other diagnostic blood cell counters available on the market. They can directly replace manufacturer’s reagents and have excellent correlation with original products. SFRI is the only company to have performed quality control tests of all of its compatible hematology reagents on pathological blood.
  • Instrument Highlights are:

SFRI HEMIX 5-60: "Push and Go" Easy 5-Part Diff Analysis
•    26 parameters, 60 test/h
•    A cost-sensitive high-performance blood cell counter with a modern touch screen interface
•    Exhaustive QC
•    perfectly adapted to low and medium-sized customers who are both cost sensitive and very demanding.

SFRI H18 LIGHT: a Compact, Economic Solution for Laboratories
•    Automatic 60 T/H Blood Cell Counter Ideal for Small to Mid-size Laboratories
•    Three-part differentiation of WBC, 19 parameters +3 histograms
•    20.000 patient results can be stored
•    Cost effective: very low consumption rate of reagents