The Veterinary diagnostic division supplies academic, public, private, industrial and other commercial institutions with diagnostic products throughout the entire CEE area.

Our top-quality product portfolio encompasses solutions for diverse areas such as eradication/control programmes, infectious disease and pathogen testing, hormone detection, proficiency testing, antimicrobials, veterinary drugs, residues and mycotoxin detection.
In addition, we offer conventional microbiology methods, rapid test systems, ELISA tests as well as other innovative molecular methods. This is complemented by a range of instruments and lab equipment from simple ELISA equipment to automated processors, PCR cyclers and multiplex platforms. In addition to basic research and laboratory solutions, we also provide full packages for on-site testing on farms and veterinary clinics. By providing equipment installation, training and services, we assist you in realising your projects as fast as possible.

We work closely with our experts from the Life Sciences division, and they can offer an even wider range of research products for all kinds of species.

Main Areas

Biomedica offers a wide range of infectious disease serology products,
such as ELISAs, immunofluorescent antibody tests, western blots and rapid tests for the determination of antibodies against bacteria or viruses.
Our parasite and fungi detection tests are also based on antigen ELISA.

We are your partner for:

  • Virology
  • Bacteriology
  • Parasitology
  • Inflammatory markers

Our commercial real-time PCR tests assist you in quickly identifying pathogens.
In addition to high-quality test kits that include all necessary components, we offer separate assay reagents and control sets.

To complete the package, we provide our customers with appropriate instrumentation, plastics and other consumables.

We are your partner for:

  • Virology
  • Bacteriology
  • Parasitology
  • Mycology

Biomedica offers microbiological tests and reagents for diagnostics, including systems for microdilution, PBRT tests, rapid tests, media, ready-to-use plates and other reagents.
We supply instruments for automatic total cell counting, and we assist you in making your serial dilutions easy and more accurate while saving time and money.

We offer reliable on-site tests for the detection of specific pathogens or markers. They are based on immuno-chromatography, are highly validated, and combine ease-of-use, sensitivity and specificity. Our single and multiplex tests are suitable for a quick on-site diagnosis due to their easy storage, transport and handling.

Biomedica supplies ELISA and rapid tests for detecting hormones for fertility management.

Furthermore, we also offer tests in various formats for antibiotic residue testing.

Biomedica offers a complete range of laboratory instruments. Our portfolio includes pipettes and tips, data analysis software, PCR cyclers, small ELISA microplate readers and fully automated instruments.

In addition to routine diagnostic products, we also offer high-quality antibodies for various applications and species.

For more information on research products, see our Life Sciences division

Our product portfolio includes all types of sampling tools for surfaces and air control, as well as products for personal hygiene and disinfection.

In addition, proficiency testing programmes and reference materials ensure the quality of your internal laboratory.