The Clinical IT department offers medical software solutions that are adapted to the needs of our customers with the support of our team. Over the past years, a lot of experience has been gained in the implementation of software projects in the field of anesthesia departments, Intensive Care Units (ICU), Intermediate Care Units (IMCU) as well as all kind of specialized Intensive Care Units such as Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU). Throughout the entire project, our project team members are in close cooperation with the stakeholders so that processes can be digitalized and workflows optimized with the implementation of the applications.

Biomedicas´ Clinical IT team is composed of highly qualified specialists in the fields of clinical applications, clinical workflows and project management. The software solutions are adapted and implemented in close cooperation with the medical personnel and according to their specific requirements and needs.

Due to the importance of these systems for our customers the high availability of these software solutions is ensured by a 24/7 service help desk.

Main Areas

Hospitals are now challenged by the need to deliver positive outcomes for patients while dealing with budget constraints, staff shortages, multiple care protocols, and increasing regulation. MetaVision is a best-of-breed clinical information system that supports the complex workflow of the most demanding of clinical environments.

Patient Data Management Systems enable an easy and quick documentation of clinical events, treatments and medications. The continuous data collection from a huge variety of medical devices and other electronical systems within a hospital reduces administrative efforts which leads to more time for the treatment of patients.

Originally developed for critical care units, MetaVision has been field-tested in the highest-cost, most data-rich, outcome-sensitive areas of hospitals, where it has been proven to reduce length of stay, decrease mortality, and enhance patient safety and outcomes. MetaVision is proven to improve patient safety by reducing medication errors, ensuring efficient and complete handovers between shifts and departments and enabling early detection of patient deterioration to optimise timely intervention.

Medical device data is the key resource in transforming from today’s reactive care environment to insight-driven, proactive care delivery. When data is aggregated and presented in context to the patient, care providers can prioritise and coordinate interventions and activities more efficiently and effectively.

Today, hospitals deal with data silos created by disparate systems and technologies. These silos must be removed to harness device data as a resource. Each medical device is unique in its output and ability to connect to other systems – data needs to be liberated and then aggregated, so that applications can analyse and share data and insights across the care team.

Capsule’s Medical Device Integration Platform expands medical device connectivity to anywhere in the hospital. Designed for ORs and other critical care areas, it provides a stream of near real-time vitals data and thus manages communication between multiple medical devices and defined destination systems like hospital information systems (HIS) or patient data management systems (PDMS).

This flexible plug-and-play solution is designed to scale to your needs, simplifying data connectivity and data delivery. It is supported by the industry’s largest device driver library, enabling virtually limitless device connectivity to most devices on the market today.