A new generation of plate reader

#Biomedica is happy to introduce you a new generation of #Plate #Reader. The #Absorbance96 is a uniquely designed, solid state #microplatereader with 96 detection units developed by the German #lifescience company Byonoy.

Despite its compact form, the Absorbance 96 delivers precise and accurate results at an affordable price. Its portability enables on-site readout, eliminating the need for #sample #transport. A variety of available wavelength combinations allows for a wide range of endpoint and kinetic #assays.

Main features

• Space-saving design
• Filter-based system
• 4-wavelength channels, 405 - 650 nm
• Fast readout speed
• Reliable measurement results
• Maintenance-free
• User-friendly software
• ELISAs, Protein and Cell-based assays