From the very beginning, the distribution of medical devices for cardiac surgery departments has been the core business of Biomedica in the CEE region. We are very proud of having over thirty years of experience in significantly increasing expertise and cultural understanding in this area. Currently, a wide variety of medical devices are sold to different departments in hospitals and clinical centres throughout Central Europe. As the usage of our products often has a direct impact on patient survival and well-being, we firmly believe that we contribute to the quality of medical healthcare. Biomedica provides hospitals and clinical centres with innovative and high-quality consumables and equipment to support medical professionals in their daily tasks and assist them in achieving the best results for their patients.

We have significantly developed both our portfolio and market access since 1978 and now provide our customers with unique solutions in the following areas:

Main Areas

In the field of anaesthesia and intensive care, we specialise in IV access solutions with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Our goal is to support our customers and optimise their workflow in the field of drug administration sets. Furthermore, we provide DVT prophylaxis devices, POC viscoelastic testing for critical bleeding management, POC for sepsis prediction, protective patches for catheter insertion sites and other consumable products for patient hygiene and infection control. We also offer a flow measurement monitor for ECMO.

Hygiene is a very important topic in a hospital environment. It is estimated that approximately 4.1 million patients acquire a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) in the EU each year. These infections represent high mortality and an additional economic burden of approx. EUR 5.5 billion each year across Europe. HAI results in longer hospital stays, the need for specific therapy and treatment, outbreak management and, of course, higher usage of medicaments including antibiotics. At least 20-30% of these infections are considered to be preventable. At Biomedica, we focus on offering solutions in the areas of prevention, intervention, and surveillance as the core components of infection control.

For many years, Biomedica has been your partner in the field of interventional cardiology and interventional radiology. Our portfolio consists of TAVI valves, balloons, stents, radiation protection, large-bore closure devices, protheses and unique software solutions for different types of procedures.

Historically, Biomedica has always had a strong focus on cardio-thoracic surgery. We have since ventured into many surgical disciplines including vascular surgery, neurosurgery, and orthopaedic surgery. Our portfolio consists of surgical instruments, flow measurement devices, heart valves, perfusion accessories, devices for surgical ablation and LAA management, surgical sealants, and patches and POC viscoelastic testing/critical bleeding management.

We offer a wide range of products including catheters, dialysis machines, flow measurement technology and other consumables.

We also provide consumables in the field of urology including an innovative bladder recirculation system for the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder carcinomas (NMIBC) with thermotherapy and cytostatic agents such as mitomycin C, epirubicin, etc.